Partnering with Envirofit

The number of people relying on solid fuels for cooking and heating will persist at over three billion through 2020. Consumers in emerging markets spent 33 billion on cooking fuels in 2010 alone, with 85% of the global population able to afford paying towards the cost of a clean cookstove.

Envirofit is an industry leader in the design, production, and delivery of clean cookstoves, and has sold more than one million stoves across 45 countries. We are looking for savvy distributors, retailers, and entrepreneurs who are interested in sustainable investing, while also earning a profit and helping families live better, healthier lives.


“Integrated fuel-stove distribution business models are a major opportunity for the private sector”

– World Bank



If you are a last-mile service organization looking to sell the industry-leading clean cooking brand, contact your nearest country office to learn about specific opportunities in your area.


If you are a government or community-based organization interested in developing a program with us, contact us to learn how we can customize large scale programs.

Partner Benefits

We support our partners in a number of ways:

One Year Warranty

We build products with a trusted brand for durability. We back all of our products with a one-year warranty.

Marketing and Sales Training

We have training staff in each region as well as training materials based on extensive consumer research and behavior change communication on product use and consumer education.

Market Activations

In selected locations, Envirofit supports brand building efforts and regional demonstrations to build brand awareness and drive demand.