About Us

Envirofit was founded on the idea that enterprise principles can transform the development of household and commercial energy technologies for people living in extreme energy poverty. In 2003, Envirofit set out to change the way energy products were developed for people living in remote parts of the world. With a goal of improving harmful traditional cooking methods, Envirofit innovated a product line of aesthetic, high performance cookstoves tailored to the needs of customers in emerging and underdeveloped markets. Years of consumer research and product development proved that people who lack access to electricity and clean cooking solutions do desire and will buy high quality products that can improve their lives.



Today, Envirofit has grown from a business with one product to a global company serving over five million people, with over a dozen user-designed products and regional headquarters in East Africa, West Africa, Asia, and Latin America that offer the local production and distribution of clean cookstoves.

Our Philosophy


Business for Good

We believe that developing business opportunities is the most sustainable approach to help people make smarter decisions for themselves and build better lives through innovative cooking solutions.


Built for Scale

Global challenges require large-scale solutions. With nearly half of the global population still living in energy poverty, Envirofit invests in developing and bringing to the market scalable solutions that will improve the access and adoption of clean energy solutions on a global scale.


Consumer Centered Design

Envirofit believes that everyone across the world is united in an ambition to live a healthy, productive, and meaningful life. Consumers are at the center of our product design, and behavior change depends on their satisfaction. We create smart products to help our consumers make smart decisions.


SMART Thinking

Creating access to clean energy technology involves more than a technology revolution – it requires innovation along the entire value chain, from product manufacturing and sales to marketing and customer service. Over the past decade, Envirofit has developed and scaled a social venture committed to serving a global community. This model has helped support the creation of markets that address consumer preferences, create access to new technology, and develop business partnerships with the capacity and commitment to support customers after they’ve purchased Envirofit products.

Our Model


The SMART 360 model

World Class Research & Development – At the cutting edge of cookstove innovation, our engineers work in our world-renowned cookstove lab side-by-side with our research team to design stoves that meet the cooking requirements of our customers across the globe.

Design for Adoption – Each stoves goes through rigorous consumer testing, where we focus, group test, and survey over 2,000 people in order to find and fix problems before the stoves reach our customers.

Production for Scale – To manufacture at scale, materials and products are inspected throughout the production and shipping process to ensure each product meets our stringent quality standards.

Extensive Distribution – We partner with last mile entrepreneurs, local businesses, and international distributors to scale access to clean cooking technology in both urban and rural markets.

Customer Care – Through our customer care center, we provide training and support to encourage clean cookstove awareness and adoption.

Impact reporting – We call customers to monitor and evaluate products in use and collect information on cooking habits. This feedback helps drive our product innovation.

SMART Programs


SMART Businesses

We work with financing organizations, small businesses, small holder farmers, and women’s groups to develop sustainable local cookstove businesses.

Envirofit, with Johns Hopkins School of Public Health, is working to build the global business case for investing in female cookstove entrepreneurs. Through an innovative training program, we empower women across the global cookstove value chain.



We advise and custom build large-scale sustainable cookstove programs that make clean cookstoves adoptable, affordable, and accessible.

Envirofit, in partnership with the President of Honduras, has custom designed a stove for Hondurans to transform the lives of 1.5 million people and create a market for clean cookstove production for Latin America.


SMART Response

We provide rapid production and supply of cookstoves for conflict, emergency, and relief situations anywhere around the globe.

Envirofit has successfully supplied institutional and household stoves to relief efforts in Sudan, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), Somalia, Nepal, and Haiti. Envirofit and the Women’s Refugee Committee delivered stoves to a refugee camp in DRC to explore how cookstoves could reduce gender-based violence.

The Cost of Inefficient Cooking

Our Technology

The Smart Clean Cookstove Solution

Envirofit makes the highest quality, lowest cost smart cookstoves for families and enterprises across the world. Using advanced computational fluid dynamics and emissions modeling, we spent over ten years improving efficiency standards, developing innovative heat resistant materials, and innovating premium cookstove design features to meet the desires of our customers across different cooking cultures. The result is cookstoves that last longer, cook faster, and perform better.


Traditional stoves are made with scrap metals that break down from high temperatures in two to three months. Envirofit stoves are made with EnviroflameTM heat-resistant materials and come with a one-year warranty.


Envirofit’s stoves cook 50% faster than traditional cooking methods and 20% faster than other improved cookstoves.


Envirofit’s stoves are 3x more efficient than traditional cooking methods, reducing fuel consumption up to 60%.


Envirofit’s optimized rocket stove design and patented combustion chamber technology maximizes airflow to reduce smoke and toxic emissions up to 80%.

How does it work?

Envirofit stove design utilizes state-of-the-art combustion technology to burn hotter and cleaner than traditional cooking and other stoves. Building on this design, we are developing the first commercially viable stove that meets Tier 4 standards for every aspect of stove emissions, the highest standards as set by the International Workshop Agreements.




“Looks matter. A good-looking product is as important in a small rural village in Myanmar as it is anywhere else. During field testing, we found participants preferred the Envirofit model mainly because of ease of use and the attractive design.”

– David Nicholson, Mercy Corps