Latin America

Field Notes – Balancing Technology and Tradition in Mexico City

After two hours of driving down bumpy, dusty roads we arrive at Genoveva’s house for dinner. Matches are lit, wood is chopped, beans are soaked and boiling, and the chocolate spicy aroma of molé fills the air. Perfectly round tortillas shaped by hand bubble as they hit the hot, oiled griddle. … read more

Envirofit and Honduran Government To Partner on Major Cookstove Impact Study

Envirofit is partnering with Berkeley Air Monitoring Group to conduct a comprehensive, large-scale study on the impact of cookstoves in Honduran households. This study is a unique opportunity for the clean energy sector because it will provide information on clean cookstove adoption for thousands of households and directly monitor changes in indoor air pollution with… read more

Envirofit Opens First South American Office in Lima, Peru

Envirofit International has expanded our mission of innovating smart energy products that improve lives on a global scale by opening our newest office and operations in Lima, Peru. Though it is one of South America’s more economically developed countries, according to the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, roughly 10.8 million people in Peru are affected… read more

Envirofit supports victims of Storm Earl with clean energy cookstoves

Plancha stove is assembled for use in relief shelter

Earlier this year in August, Envirofit Mexico donated two wood-saving stoves to the Sistema Nacional para el Desarrollo Integral de la Familia (DIF) in support of the community of Xaltepec, Huauchinango, which was severely affected by Storm Earl. Heavy rains from the storm triggered landslides in the mountains of the northern state of Puebla, near… read more

Envirofit stoves help isolated Tarahumara families in Chihuahua, Mexico

Envirofit’s distribution partnership in Chihuahua, Mexico continues to help support hundreds of Tarahumara families living in remote, mountainous regions of Mexico’s largest state. With most families still cooking over open fires, the tolls taken by traditional cooking in this remote region of Chihuahua are both personal and environmental.… read more


I am happy to report solid growth in the first quarter of 2016 across the multiple geographies where Envirofit operates. We’re excited to announce that we’ve added another assembly and distribution site to our operations in Western Africa, as the doors of our facility in Accra, Ghana opened earlier this month. … read more


This past quarter marked a major milestone for Envirofit with the announcement of our 1 millionth household reached. Through these 1 million stoves we impacted 5 million people, prevented the release of 17 million tons of CO2, saved consumers 138 million dollars in fuel costs, saved wood collectors 18 million working weeks of time, and… read more