Empower Core 5-Watt System


Our Empower Core 5 Watt system is compact and durable with enough power to light up to two rooms. An 8-hour charge provides up to 14 hours of light, making it possible to keep your room or workspace visibly safe and functional throughout the night. Our plug-and-play connectors make this system easy to set up and easy-to-use.
This lighting package comes complete with an assortment of adapters to charge cell phones, music devices, and other similar electronic appliances.
  •  12 Meter Connection Cord
  •  Mounting Bracket
  •  Durable Protective Casing
  •  3 High Lumen Lightbulbs with 3 Meter Cord
  •  Two 3 Meter Extension Cords
  •  USB Power Outlet for Mobile Charging
  •  Compact Battery
  •  Multi-Adaptor USB Charging Kit


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Product Information


Cost: $$$
Size: Household use / Commercial
Application: Rural/ Urban
Assembly: Fully assembled


Light Output: 72 lumens
Estimated Lifespan*: ~5 years
Peak Power : 5 watt
Battery Capacity: 4.56 Ah
Battery Type: Sealed Lead-Acid
*Lighting Africa Initial Screening Method Certification
*Based on proper use and maintenance



1 year

Est. Lifespan

4-7 years

Light Output (Lantern / Torch)

72 Lumens

Run Time

18 hours

Charge Time

8 hours

Charge Mode


Unit Size (cm)

13 x 31.1 x 21.4

Unit Weight

3.2 KG

Accessories Available

Extra bulbs / Extension cords

Assembly Type

4 Pack

Shipping Size (cm) (LxWxH)

45.5 x 33 x 30

Unit Shipping Weight

17 kg

Units / 20’ Container


Units / 40’ HC Container