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Carbon Offset

Offset for Impact

When you purchase cookstove carbon credits, you offset more than your CO2 emissions. Your purchase and environmental investment support Envirofit in reaching customers at the base of the economic pyramid, positively impacting livelihoods, health, local businesses, and the environment at every stage of the value chain.


You Make a Carbon Offset Purchase

Offset your carbon emissions

Report social, health, and environmental impacts

Quantify and share your impact with others

Help support a high-impact development project

Implementing Partner Sells Stove in Local Market

Supporting local enterprise development

Enabling market creation

Capacity building in the developing world

Generating employment




Family Buys a Stove

Improves livelihood

Reduces exposure to smoke and toxic emissions

Reduces fuel consumption

Saves time and money

Envirofit’s carbon projects are registered by either the UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism (CDM) or the Gold Standard Foundation (GSF).

All carbon credits purchased from Envirofit are retired in the CDM or GSF registry to ensure that emissions reduction efforts cannot double-counted.

Corporate emissions offsetting

Envirofit can custom tailor carbon credit packages to meet corporate offset needs. If you are a company wishing to offset your CO2 emissions, contact us at:

Offset for Individuals

One cookstove = three tonnes of CO2 reductions a year. That’s approximately the same as:

A round trip international flight
A round trip drive across Europe or the US
A wedding or event with 80 people

The average world citizen produces seven tonnes of CO2 every year (3.5 stoves)
The average car produces five tonnes of CO2 every year (2.5 stoves)

Purchase Credits

Each Envirofit carbon credit costs $10:

How many stoves do you want to support?

*$30 supports one stove

How many credits do you want to purchase?

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