Shasha Refugee Camp - DRC 2014

“No one has skipped a meal due to lack of fuel – only a lack of food. If I have food, this fuel efficient stove only requires a small amount of fuel, so I can cook.” -- Photo courtesy of Megan Gerrard, Women's Refugee Commission

Daro Bashuna - Kalacha Kenya

"I love my Envirofit stove. Before I bought my new stove, every 3 days I had to walk to the forest 13 kilometers away to get more wood and I've done this since I was a young girl...now, with the Envirofit I make this journey once a month...it's made my life better because I no longer have to work so hard to cook and to heat water for my family..."

Yashodha - India

I cannot describe how pleased I am with my recent purchase of Envirofit Jivan Jyoti Cookstove. The stove has not only ended smoke from my life but also saves my cooking time drastically. This cookstove like magic wand performs the cooking chores so fast that I get free time to spare for my family and I am completely satisfied. Thank you Envirofit for a reasonably priced well made stove, which I recommend highly.

Almira Galma - Kalacha Kenya

"I love my Envirofit stove. Even when the summer temperatures are high in the desert, it doesnt feel hot to cook with...."

Vineetha - India

I used to wander and wander in search of firewood when I was using traditional stove. My neighbor introduced me to Envirofit Jivan Jyoti Stove which is a boon. The percentage of fuel consumed by me is reduced by almost 60 %, which obviously saves time & money and we are able to live better life. Salute to Envirofit.

Wato Elle - Kalacha Kenya

Chairwoman of the Kalacha Mazingira Womens Group- Best feature - The warranty - and as the leader of the women's group, she states that they sell the stoves and make a small profit from each purchase, which has boosted their bank account to the level where they can make small micro loans to it's group members who are then able to purchase a small kiosk...making their lives better.

"The Envirofit has changed my life...I now have extra time to take care of my goats, to fetch water and to tend my small kiosk in the village which makes my life a little bit easier. I was born in the desert and would never leave even though life is hard - The new Jikopoa (Envirofit) has helped make my life easier because it reduces my labor in hauling wood to fuel our fire..."

Manjula K - India

We purchased Envirofit Jivan Jyoti cookstove an year ago. Before that our house was a mess with smoke, soot, and pollution due to our old traditional stove. The walls of the house were in bad shape and we were ashamed of our own house. Days are gone now that we have Envirofit smoke less cookstove which promises less carbon, soot and a clean, fresh house.

Chukulisa Karani - Kalacha Kenya

"For me and my family the Envirofit is the best" +"it saves wood and saves my money but because I don't have to walk 14 kilometers every 2 days for more wood, it gives me more time with my boys and for me, that's the most important benefit of all...I'm free. I love my Envirofit Stove."

Manjula - India

I bought Envirofit Jivan Jyoti stove and it's great! It fits in my kitchen taking only a little space and making perfect cooking.

Previously when I was using traditional stove my kids used to get infections quite often. I was fed up with their health problems, doctors and medicines. After buying Envirofit Jivan Jyoti stove the scene changed unbelievably. Now my family enjoys healthy life as the smoke is reduced almost by 80% after regular use of Jivan Jyoti stove. Thank you Envirofit!

Peter of Village Health Works, Kigutu, Burundi

This morning,it was raining cats and dogs and My Mom was sick and everybody at home were wondering where and how we could find the fire woods. My Mom ensured that lunch could be ready at Noon since we started using your helpful stove. Before we got it, we used to cook beans with a big bunch of woods like 50 pieces of wood; now there is a very big gap between before and now that we have your stove.Mom said that we only need 3 or 4 pieces of woods to cook beans.Mom said that we only need the stove to be hot and put in a very few wood and in few minutes food is ready. mom said that even if she is weak some times, the stove made her work easier in the kitchen.

I, personally, realized that there is a big change. before, it was hard for me to find lunch ready so that I can return to my daily job but now, I am every day on time. everyone from our neighbors appreciate the stove and keep asking how much money it costs and how to get it.

I hope we will try to find out how the wonderful stove will reach as many people as possible. I wish I could take a photo but missed a camera.


Ashwathamma - India

When I purchased Envirofit Jivan Jyoti Cookstove I was worried about the taste of food. But after regular use we were assured about the taste, which is same as our old cooking methods. The same food is now cooked faster, easier and in a healthy manner saving time and taking care of our health. Thank you Envirofit for bringing Jivan Jyoti less smoke stoves in our life.